The Flinders Island Distillery was established in 2017 and we currently have 2 small Pot Stills, and ‘Betty the Big Still’ on the go brewing our unique island flavoured spirits & liqueurs.

With a background in winemaking for over 25 years I have received some 18 odd medals and awards for my craft. With a focus on creating product as natural and as organic as I can source – its an exciting time ahead for the Flinders Island Distillery.

We currently have a range of Spirits and Liquers in vats and bottles, awaiting the required time before they can be released. They will be added on to the website as they are ready – so make sure you check back soon!

Each day is a journey, The Flinders Island Distillery is an exciting ‘passion in progress’ and I look forward to sharing our unique wines, spirits and liquers with you!

Paul Williamson

Manufacturers License number – 11586
Exise Establishment number – 14582
Tasmanian Liquor License number – 82935